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My name is Myra Goldie Buchsbaum to be exact, but Myra Goldie is shorter, easier, and well, cuter. Born and raised in small town Iowa, I like to think I'm anything but. Don't get me wrong, I'm proud of my home. Sprawling pastures sandwiched by acres of black dirt giving birth to sweet corn and soybeans. A sub-thousand resident town without a single stop light where going to the grocery means driving 20 minutes into town. On the way there you'll only cross paths with a few other vehicles (yes, tractors count), but each driver will surely raise their first two fingers from the steering wheel in farmer fashion. 

Wanting to upgrade to a higher population but not quite ready to give up Iowa, I began my adventure at Iowa State. Fiercely determined to blaze my own trail, I deviated from my parent's careers in education to pursue journalism. 

Conducting interviews, compiling research, and placing commas was my kind of fun, and and before I knew it I had landed myself a yearlong Apprenticeship with Better Homes and Gardens Food and Holidays digital team in Des Moines, IA.

Once the girl banned from the kitchen due to inevitable edible destruction, suddenly my workflow included all things food. At the end of my year, I decided I wanted a more hands on approach and sought out the most progressive restaurant in Des Moines. I stumbled upon three time James Beard semifinalist Sean Wilson, and became an eager part of his team at Proof. Since then, I've added mixology, knife skills, and becoming a level one sommelier to my repertoire. 

More than anything, it simultaneously helped my heart focus on the fine details and limitless opportunities. A perfectly placed chocolate tuile or executed steak brought me a ridiculous amount of joy. A meal wasn't just a meal anymore, more a sacred ritual, and that same mindset has seeped into all other areas of my life. There is no mundane if you don't want there to be -- which is the exact thought process that led my husband and me to Prague.

Food was my entire life, but it lacked fulfillment *insert joke about being full here*, and one night while teaching a wine seminar -- it clicked.

Teaching was too fun, too fulfilling not to pursue. I accepted my fate and booked a one way ticket to Prague to attend The Language House and acquire my TEFL teaching certificate. All the same nuances I love about cooking were hiding in teaching English all along. The devil is in the details and I was ready to set it free.

Which is one of the most dire concepts I wish to bring with me no matter where my career takes me -- an unrelenting sense of awe and the ability to shed light on the little details that have gone unnoticed for too long. Whether it be through food, writing, teaching -- anything, really -- it's all in the details. It always has been, and I'm not trying to take credit for that. I'm only trying to remind you. 

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